About the Poet

SB Wright (Sean Wright) was born in the town of Nhulunbuy in Arnhem Land,  though most of his life has been spent in Alice Springs.  

A graduate of NTU he has spent his adult working life as a security guard, a martial arts instructor, a trainer in an international gaming company, a teacher librarian and as a teacher for hire.  

His interest in poetry has been a constant if not always obvious presence.  His work has been published in Tincture Journal, Eureka Street, A Hundred Gourdes, INDaily Adelaide, and the Anthologies The Stars Like Sand and 50 Haikus.

Other Sean's... or what keeps me from becoming a prolific poet.

Sean is also a book reviewer, interviewer and podcast producer.  He has maintained his Ditmar Award winning review blog The Adventures of a Bookonaut   since 2010.

His audio interviews with Australian and International Speculative Fiction authors can be found at the Award winning  Galactic Chat(which he now produces) a sister podcast to Galactic Suburbia.

You can follow him on Twitter as @seandblogonaut.

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